Drupal 7.x


I think I’m starting to like Drupal CMS (++), nice work guys @drupal!  As an option to WordPress it seems to me that its more powerful, and can do more than WP on the admin-side of programming. In addition it also contains better built-in functions for neaty modules (vs. WP’s plugins), and i think I will find solutions in the middle of WP and Django on python. I’m still reading my way into the setup of the whole Drupal environment.

Still, after 1-2 hours of reading the theme-ing manual I’m left with quite a few questions. My concerns now are if the documentation for Drupal contains the same quality as Django or WP. I think might not. I often like to get my hands-on-code pretty fast when it comes to theme-ing with CMS’, but this time im more left to myself.

I’ll post the results here for my own convenience later on.



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