Opera Mini 6.1 + Opera Link


I love Opera Link. I use it every day on my laptop and desktop, and on both units I take advantage of the full potential of it; Bookmarks, History, Speed-Dial, Notes, and so on. But I also have a third device, an old HTC Magic with android 2.1. It’s installed with Opera Mini 6.1.x and is activated with Opera Link. It just works, and I love it. But for some reason they have left out the ability to browse the Opera Link: Notes on the Mini. I just can’t understand why? Such a smartphone is the facto device for use of notes, and in my point of view, Opera Link is a competitor to big and respected notes-platforms, such as Evernote (!). To really unleash the full potential of Opera Link, why not port Opera Mini with notes?

There is one problem with Opera Mini + Opera Link: Notes, and that is the privacy of the content people store in their notes. But if people is aware of this matter, and they have to activate the opera link: notes through settings, with a warning or similar, then it should be doable?


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