Javabin + drunk pigs


Well, this was an interesting evening 🙂 After a long day at school, punching words into my semester assignment about agile vs. lean, or in more detail Scrum vs. Kanban, I was to attend my first Javabin event here in Bergen (not that I have joined such a meeting ever before in any other city).

The speaker, Tobias Torrisen,  talked about hot topics within the java community, such as persistence for large datasets, and other ways of persisting different data types, the so called noSQL(Not Only SQL) hype. One of the examples was, which is very modular, but we only got the introduction to it. Another example was the project, which is basically a graph database. Graph databases are good at handling relationships between objects. Just picture a travel network for buses, trains and flight paths; and finally connect them accordingly with proper relationships.

More info on those noSQLs if or when I get time.


uh, and I almost forgot: here’s the drunken pigs



One Response to “Javabin + drunk pigs”

  1. Nrkbeta is as always more up to date than me, so if you know the language of the Norwegians, have a look. A good article about the hype of noSQL, and what it represent for developers whom actually are lazy; in a good way 🙂

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