Drupal 7.x


I think I’m starting to like Drupal CMS (++), nice work guys @drupal!  As an option to WordPress it seems to me that its more powerful, and can do more than WP on the admin-side of programming. In addition it also contains better built-in functions for neaty modules (vs. WP’s plugins), and i think I will find solutions in the middle of WP and Django on python. I’m still reading my way into the setup of the whole Drupal environment.

Still, after 1-2 hours of reading the theme-ing manual I’m left with quite a few questions. My concerns now are if the documentation for Drupal contains the same quality as Django or WP. I think might not. I often like to get my hands-on-code pretty fast when it comes to theme-ing with CMS’, but this time im more left to myself.

I’ll post the results here for my own convenience later on.



I love Opera Link. I use it every day on my laptop and desktop, and on both units I take advantage of the full potential of it; Bookmarks, History, Speed-Dial, Notes, and so on. But I also have a third device, an old HTC Magic with android 2.1. It’s installed with Opera Mini 6.1.x and is activated with Opera Link. It just works, and I love it. But for some reason they have left out the ability to browse the Opera Link: Notes on the Mini. I just can’t understand why? Such a smartphone is the facto device for use of notes, and in my point of view, Opera Link is a competitor to big and respected notes-platforms, such as Evernote (!). To really unleash the full potential of Opera Link, why not port Opera Mini with notes?

There is one problem with Opera Mini + Opera Link: Notes, and that is the privacy of the content people store in their notes. But if people is aware of this matter, and they have to activate the opera link: notes through settings, with a warning or similar, then it should be doable?

Todays song


Long time, no written.. Ahh, it must the the italian atmosphere influencing me in all I’m doing (or not doing). Anyway, after listening to the “new” album, The King of Limbs, of Radiohead a couple of times, I just want to emphasize one of many good tunes:





Todays song


Ciao tutti!

Now its like ages since I’ve posted. However, this song is sublime! I can recall a similar version was played when I attended Marco Carola’s factory-minimalistic set in Bergen few years ago. Enjoy!

Marco Carola – Jackpot

Todays song


Enjoy 🙂

Todays song


Booka Shade – Regenerate

Also, you should view the fairly new music video of the same song

For my own reference; here are some nice talks of web developers for web developers:

jQuery and Sinatra, a Classy Combination – Anders Janmyr from Michael Tiberg on Vimeo.

19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer – Greg Young from Øredev on Vimeo.

Status Quo


I’m currently doing some testing on the http://www.djangoproject.com/ framework for python web development. It’s analog to ruby’s rails, java ee’s spring, or php’s symphony, and many, many others. Surprisingly, it’s made for large and comprehensive projects, but it actually requires little effort to code small projects as well. The overhead is scarce, so, in my case, I’ve ended up with learning python; through Django..!

Todays song


Four Tet – Sing

If you like this one you probably like the whole album (There is Love in You).



If you use windows, and don’t want to bother configuring the cygwin c++ compiler + dependencies, just visit http://node-js.prcn.co.cc/.

Download the complete package, and you are set!

open the command line and enter> node.exe example.js
Now you should be able to request the http://localhost:8124/ website.

Every done server side javascript? I haven’t, so this will be my first!

(posting this primarly for personal use and storage)


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